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Link to download KITTI-CARLA dataset

                                                                                           Password is: npm3d-KITTI-CARLA

Update 2021-12-02: we generated a new KITTI-CARLA dataset after correcting Depth images that had a loss of precision.


KITTI-CARLA is a dataset built from the CARLA v0.9.10 simulator using a vehicle with sensors identical to the KITTI dataset. The vehicle thus has a Velodyne HDL64 LiDAR positioned in the middle of the roof and two color cameras similar to Point Grey Flea 2. The positions of the LiDAR and cameras are the same as the setup used in KITTI.

The objective of this dataset is to test approaches of semantic segmentation LiDAR and/or images, odometry LiDAR and/or image in synthetic data and to compare with the results obtained on real data like KITTI. This dataset thus makes it possible to improve transfer learning methods from a synthetic dataset to a real dataset.

We created 7 sequences with 5000 frames in each sequence in the 7 maps of CARLA providing different environments (city, suburban area, mountain, rural area, highway...).

The Python scripts to generate the synthetic data in CARLA v0.9.10:

You can find more details in the following article: 

Deschaud J.-E., KITTI-CARLA: a KITTI-like dataset generated by CARLA Simulator

If you use this dataset, do not forget to cite our article:

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KITTI-CARLA dataset is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0) License.