Riedones3D: a celtic coin dataset



Clustering coins with respect to their die is an important component of numismatic research and crucial for understanding the economic history of tribes (especially when literary production does not exist, in celtic culture). It is a very hard task that requires a lot of times and expertise. To cluster thousands of coins, automatic methods are becoming necessary. 

Nevertheless, public datasets for coin die clustering evaluation are too rare, though they are very important for the development of new methods. 

Therefore, we propose a new 3D dataset of 2 070 scans of coins. With this dataset, we propose two benchmarks, one for point cloud registration, essential for coin die recognition, and a benchmark of coin die clustering. 

We show how we automatically cluster coins to help experts, and perform a preliminary evaluation for these two tasks.


This dataset will be released the 15th of December 2021.



Institutional partners

AOROC            MINES ParisTech            PSL University